After moving to Indianapolis, life happened, and I found myself in many different careers. I was an Interior Designer for a while, and then Manager of a small retail art gallery/shop.  With time, I slowly grew away from ART and found myself in retail sales.  Some of the items I sold were:  cosmetics, jewelry, cellular phones, and lastly, handbags.  Before I knew it, I was celebrating my 60th birthday.  Where had all the time gone?

No more delays!  Creating has always been a part of my soul.  I just forgot for a while...  My journey begins now.  My studio is stocked, and I have a million ideas and mediums I want to try.  My inspiration comes from images of the past and my vision is to create tomorrow's treasured heirlooms today.  

My business name is HAZZPIZZAZZ.  My name is Pam Cooper - Mixed Media Artist at last!

I've always had a love of ART.  As a child, one could find me stealing away to create a treasured drawing or paint a vivid landscape.  When I grew up and went away to college, it was only natural that I decided to study ART.  I took every class I could and experimented in every medium imaginable.  They all fascinated me!  When I graduated, it was with a BS in ART Education and a BFA in Interior Design.